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Confira a Letra Divers Do It Deeper

David Allan Coe

Divers Do It Deeper

It was too cold to stay in the north
And LA seemed the most likely place I could be
Those Malibu nights
And those Hollywood lights were blinding me
I longed for a lover to help me discover
The key that would unlock love's door
While diving the reefs
Lord she changed my beliefs
As we made love on the ocean's floor
And she whispered divers do it deeper
Jockeys do it shorter
Brick layers always make it
Just a little bit stronger
Sailors do it wetter
Soldiers do it better
But cowboys stay in the saddle
Just a little bit longer

I moved from LA for a good job with pay
Riding range for the Double Bar Jay
Till the rodeo came out I put in my name
For the bull riding contest that day
The judges were watching
But they never noticed the girl
Standing close to my chute
She'd picked me to win
I could tell by her grin
As she reached out and platted my boot
And she said divers do it deeper
Pilots do it higher
Bricklayers always make it
Just a little bit stronger
Doctors do it cleaner,
Bikers do it meaner
Cowboys stay in the saddle
Just a little bit longer
Divers do it deeper...