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Confira a Letra The Devil Went Down To Jamaica

David Allan Coe

The Devil Went Down To Jamaica

The Devil Went To Jamaica
he Was Looking To Sell Some Weedhe Was Doin' Fine, They Were Standing In Line
it Was Excellent Weed Indeed
he Came Across A Young Man Who Was Like
wise Peddling Potand The Devil Slid Down The Beach And Said "boy Let Me Tell You What,i Guess You Kinda Figured I'm A Reefer Head Of Courseand
After All This Time, I Guess That I'm A Conessuire Of Sortsnow Your Stuff Smells Ok, But This Can Tranquilize A Hourse
I Bet A Million In Cash Against Your Satsh That Mines Better Then Yours."the Boy Said My Names Johnny And You Ain't Smoked Nothing Yetone Hit Of This Grass'll Kick Your
Ass, You Got Yourself A Bet."johnny Role A Ball Of Hash And Make Sure Its The Bombcause The
Devils Got The Kinda Stuff They Smoke In Vietnamyou'll Get A Million Smackaroos In Cash If You Can Cope
but If You Cant The Devil Gets Your Dopethe Devil Packed A Bong With A Little Accupolco Goldand Ros
in Flew From His Fingertips As He Fired Up His Bowlhe Filled That Chamber All The Way And He Took A Mighty Hitand As They Passed It Back And Forth It Gave Them Both A Coughing Fitwhen The Bowl Was Finished Johnny Said Hey Man That Stuff Was Great
but Fill Your Lungs With Some Of This And Prepare To Vegetate
cannibas And Bevis Sweet Mary Janethe Devils In The Back Yard Frying His Brainzig Zag Filled With A Diggidy Dankhold On Tight It'll Hit You Like A Tank
the Devil Nodded Off Because He Knew That He Was Stonedand He Asked If He Could Buy An Ounce Of The Stuff That Johnny Owned
johnny Said Devil Just Come On Back If You Ever Want To Catch A Buzzi Done Told You Once You Son Of A Bitch Mines The Best There Ever Wasfired Up Duvais One By Oneaint Gonna Stop Till The Bags Donegreen As A Bull Frog Sticky As Glue
granny Do You Get High Yes I Do.