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Confira a Letra She's Not You

Coletivo Über Glam

She's Not You

You don't have much to say to me
But you want to stay nearby
Accidentally step on my foot
So now you can apologize

You don't smoke, but see me with a cigarrette,
and say that you wanna give it a try
I don't know any friends of yours,
You haven't met any friends of mine

You loosen your hair, and dance in front of me,
looking deep into my eyes
I keep watching, I think it's funny.
But I stay put, and you can't guess why

uh-uh you're just not my type,
uh-uh Not the kind of girl I like
uh-uh I got the one in sight
she's a pretty nice girl, she's hot, and she's not you.