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Confira a Letra If Not You, Then Who?

Colin Vearncombe (Black)

If Not You, Then Who?

Who pulled me clear
And free from the wreckage as I drew near
To spinning in freefall out of view?
Who laughs through the tears
And stands in the wreckage scoring fear and makes the good times seem overdue

Who if not you
Tell me who
If not you?

Who’s like a dream
That moves into places stretched between
The centuries sleeping
When they’re gone
And never seems tired
Still facing down headlights
While you’re wired
Out running and smiling
In the rain?

The first time you let someone else come inside
The first time you get to feel really alive
Like the first thing created from a life underrated’s
The possible high from impossible why’s
Throw your hat in the air like you saw on tv
A prisoner released, nineteen fifty three
The struggle’s unfinished the struggle goes on
The struggle is everything
Why not have it as fun?