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Confira a Letra The Way She Was Before

Colin Vearncombe (Black)

The Way She Was Before

Tell me have you seen her
Did she look the same as before?
The last time that I saw her I swore
That I didn't know that she was who she was
But if I tried I could still see that look
In her eyes; the one that went missing
The way she was before

And tell me how d'you find her
Did she look like she was having fun?
Smiling at a stranger is when she's dangerous
Never ashamed of what she has done
But if I try I can still see that look in
Her eyes; the one that went missing
The way she was before

The clothes that she wore
I loved the way she walked
The jokes she liked to tell
I loved the way she smiled
And it was fun while it lasted
It didn't last long but I'm not bitter
I just miss her the way she was before