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Confira a Letra Dirty Little Hometown Girl

Cooder Graw

Dirty Little Hometown Girl

Well she paints her face and sprays her hair and gets ready for the night

Drops the kids at moms with a kiss she's off left to go get right

She ain't got a care in that bleach blond hair has a smile lick her lips

She's been too long in this little town but she ain't gonna call it quits

She's a bottle breakin', breathtakin', gear jammin', door slammin'

Dirty little hometown girl

She's a lip smackin', heart attackin', love cravin' Hell raisin'

Dirty little hometown girl

She hikes up her dress and shows more than less kicks off her shoes
Sings to the radio turns the music up and turns off the news
She hits the bar jumps out of her car tryin to make up time
Dishonerable mention begs for attention but she just wants to unwind

Well the hottest thing goin in town is still showin a little bit of what she's got

She goes around paints the town shows off her forget me nots yeah

She takes in all of the married men and goes shoppin for a dad
Cause there ain't too many single men she ain't already had
Checks out two or three settles on one, makes her intentions known
And her ex wants to fight her dad for the night despite that T.R.O.

There she is right now