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Confira a Letra Son of God (He Has Overcome)

Cory Asbury

Son of God (He Has Overcome)

There is a place of sorrow and love
The innocent savior broken and bleeding for us
The nails in his hands and thorns on his brow
Rivers of mercy endlessly flowing down

The son of God high and lifted up
The father's love came pouring down for us
He has overcome

The spotless lamb for every sinner slain
Our victory, our hope beyond the grave
He has overcome

There is a place for all who will come
His arms are open, our sins are washed white
In his blood

The lost and unworthy
Come find your home
The broken and hurting
His love will never let go

Now my song will ever be
Of my saviour's love for me
When at last his face I see
With all the saints in glory

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