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Confira a Letra Henna



Words have tattooed us and infiltrated into the skin
Phrases have replaced all my bones
We don't belong to ourselves
We are, we are just art
Just canvases that will be painted
All life along (all life along)

I wonder if I will keep carving myself from the inside out
Until get hollow enough to fit you perfectly
I wonder if it's worth waiting for something to come from you
I will return your silence, I will return your silence
I will return your silence

I look into the mirror but the reflex I see isn't mine
I'm sure I'm not what I've suposed to be
So I waved goodbye
We are, we are just art
Just canvases that will be painted
Until disappear

Look beyond to save us
Is it the end? Is it the end?
Look beyond to believe that I will be here even if no one can see