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Confira a Letra The Art Of Understanding

Coyote Theory

The Art Of Understanding

This is not
The way that i had things planned
It's all wrong-it's backwards from beginning to end
Who, who am i?
To say that i'm alive
I'm backed in, closed in, locked and loaded
And i've got nowhere to hide.
And i don't know why i don't know
I don't know why i don't know
I just don't know
Back pocket story book, take a look
What do we have here, what do we have
It's a last chance romance, baby i don't know this dance anymore
I need a place to go and a space to grow
And a dream that stays when the rooster crows
Where it's hot when it snows and the sky is in the road
Where everything i know is everything i don't
I'll let the western sun set
I'll go the way the wind blows
I don't know why i don't know
I just don't know