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Confira a Letra What Of Our Love

Crazy Lixx

What Of Our Love

Baby since you've gone I can't
Get these thoughts out of my head
I can't belive it, was it really our last good bye
The pictures that you left behind
All the memories of you and I
Wish I could tell you how I wanna have you back in my life

Cause it's so cold when you're not here
And I can't take another night alone

What of our love
What of our promise
Tell me what's left when everything falls apart
It's all in vain
We're out of chances
If it's the end, please tell me what of our love

Baby since you've gone away
I try to tell myself everything's okay
I've stopped believing
But I got to keep on lying to myself

Cause it's so cold when you're not here
And I can't take another night alone

We tried so hard to stay together, now I'm standing here alone
I won't try to hide it, can't deny it
There ain't nothing I wouldn't do

I close my tear-stained eyes and pray each night
But you ain't comming back no more
So what am I keeping this love for
Tell me what of our love