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Confira a Letra Coshinja

Crimson Cult


Ever been to Belarus
Too many girls, you've got to choose
One of them, she pulled me through
A lady of easy virtue

Couldn't resist, couldn't leave
Too much for me she had to give
Amazing thrills, tremendous skills
A knock out ride over her hills

And the nights so long, the days to short
Dusk will call to Centre Court
The longer the road, the deeper her throat
Not a missing manner, my balls to bloat


Ever been to Belarus
The girls I had are worth to lose
The one I rode, which drove me mad
The high heel junkie inside my bed

She gave me all I wanted then
Her open legs for the "hot real man"
The lady cheap, the service stellar
I kept her well in my private cellar

And in the night things are going on
I can't resist when she's all alone
And in the dark I want more and more
The face of death is what I'm looking for