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Confira a Letra The Long Way Home (Centre of the Universe - Part II)

Crimson Cult

The Long Way Home (Centre of the Universe - Part II)

I see a little cloud on the blue ball earth and I feel
There is something getting out of hand and
Going down and down

At first you locked me in and sent me
Out to foreign spaces
But soon I realised why your
Decision wasn't wrong
And why it was good

On the long way home
On the long way from outer space
It's a long road home

On the long way home
On the long way from the universe
To what we call home

Your colour changed from blue to grey
No matter - red alert
Your weapons and your endless greed
Of contagious I have heard

I bring you wisdom from beyond
'cause you made me purified
Could be too late, but not the end
The timing should be right


Your right to survive and your licence for life
Your ancestral law, the eternal strife
If millions must die and thousands exist
Senseless to cry, cerebration you missed

On through the right, through the grey with no light
No sound and no screams to the left and the right
Where have you gone and where are you now
Your life it went wrong, you can´'t disavow

From far away a silent prayer
Out in the cold the cry of a child
My feet keep me running right into the night
I run through the darkness where once there was light

Hello, is there anybody here
I did, expect that you are there
Hello, is there anybody here
I came the long way from the moon
From the backside of the moon

Adam, my son, you are here and so alone
Adam, my son, you can't explain where they're all gone
I wanna keep you, wanna warm you
Wanna hold you my arms

And on our transport to the stars
To your new world we will pass
The ancient way of life, where men could not survive
The shadows of what you were once before
And your new life just begun