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Confira a Letra Bad Hangover

Crucified Barbara

Bad Hangover

When the hangover hits you like a
rock in the head
Eating all you thoughts 'till you wish
you were dead
I've got five more drinks to finnish before
the night is back again and I'm ready for more

1,2,3,4, five more give me some more (x2)

I've got a bad hangover
World is turning upside down
I'll never go there again, where I just been
Bad hangover
Oh man, next time I'll stay sober
I've got a bad hangover
Feeling like shit 'cause the devil's
on my shoulder

I don't know who I am and I don't know
where I've been
I woke up with my boots on in a bottle of gin
I've been beatin' and kickin'
both my hands are sore
I've been under the influence of bad alcohol

1,2,3,4, five more give me some more (x2)


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