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Confira a Letra As the Sorrow Embraced Us


As the Sorrow Embraced Us

Beneath the screams of the fallen ones,
Surrounded by a breath of fire, unmoved i stay.
Engulfed in an armour of eternal hate i await
The shining flame. oh warlord,
I serve to the darkness reflected in my empty eyes.
As i rise the sword of tyranny
To the marble sky see the clouds die,
With the whispers of the weak, hear the cries of forests. with a frozen hand i carrry
The banner of salvation, to transform it in
A symbol of pain and mistress.
For ages of unholy night
For ages a dark visions
I'm the bringer of dark bright
Passing through the deepest of my
Chaotic thoughts i search an answer.
Nailed with the thorns of it's beauty
Drowned in an ephemeral cry
All purity of god lies dying, i'm the
Conqueror of thy shinning paradise.
Enchanted by the moon.
Awaiting for the call.
Embrace the darkness. black is the
Only color that can see my eyes.
Embraced by the death.
In eternal anguish we are.
Like withered rose we turn to dust.
Through milleniums humanity is weeping.
The pain is the crown of ignorance, an...
Ignorance is the thorn in our face.
Praying... believing in a divine light.
No more tears will spill my frozen eyes.
No more prayers to that filthy cross.
All purity of god lies dying and
I am enchanted by the night.
No saviour can save us.
An existence as sad as the rain
In a cemetery. thunders sing
My demise. i can't weep no more.
I'll rest below a crimson sky,
Drowned in an ephemeral cry.
Abandoned and forgotten.
In the grief of the earth.
As the sorrow embrace us
We walk in loneliness... forever!!!