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Confira a Letra Corocotta



The moon talked to me in dreams
In the tongue of the anjanas
And she trespassed me her wisdom
And her autumnal cry
The sacred woods, oh, sad enchantment,
Washed my fate, i saw the portal of centuries,
With wrath in my soul
Summon the strenght of one-eyed-titan
And let the final battle begin
A sum of perception, divine intuition
I see, the mist over alot
The sound of the march of caesar's legions
The forest and mountains... our gods
I'm the one, chosen by my brothers
The son of this ground, forged by the anvil of creator
Concanos drink the blood of horses to destroy
The enemy of our mother land
Orgenomescos, vendios... revenge to our fallen ones
Above the shores of the abyss we'll prevail
Fighting for eternity to the end of thy empire
Our flesh can die, but our spirit will wonder
With the blessing of deva
Across our dominion of the ancient seal