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Confira a Letra Teasing to Please

Cute Is What We Aim For

Teasing to Please

And so typically
And so typically
Soft, set back and perfectly dropped
Tough and learn, and so perfectly taught
I am as he does
You are as she was
And that's because
And that's because
But you never try
But you never try
Cause conflict and make your top pick
Restitch my ripped jeans
And take the old ones
Take the old ones out back
Sew them tight at the seams please
I've got so many ripped knees

I'm selfish as selfish as comes
You're giving me a run for my money

This is a hint that you take
And you pull and you find a way to get out of what you got
yourself into
But when you try
But when you try to get out you'll never find
That most definitely I will be attracted to you
If you pick my left side
Because you know how we do

I'm selfish as selfish as comes
You're giving me a run for my money