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Confira a Letra Public Enemy

Cyclone Temple

Public Enemy

Telling the truth is like the edge of a knife
Hit the wrong nerve it could cost your life
All heard him
Most feared him
The media slants the truth
Said he's the enemy

You're a rattle on the snake of democracy
Can a free man speak or is he really not
Just a boil on the ass of all decency
See what King and X got Shot

Just a man teaching non-violence
A sign of fear for those who rage free
We want the truth and nothing but the truth
We want the truth and nothing but
Just a man who said let freedom ring
Shed a tear for those who killed me
We want the truth and nothing but the truth
We want the truth and nothing but

Why is it that those who speak of unity
Can't escape the grip of fatality
Pose a threat without the use of deadly force
For those who follow lynched with no remorse

[Bridge / Chorus]

And they marched
Bloody but unbowed
Against the grain
Only the strong survive
Hear the battlecry
We shall overcome
Fight for the dream even when I must die