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Confira a Letra Favours



I couldn't trust me to the corner
Close my eyes and forgetting where I'm at
I know I haven't lost my mind
So I smile, yeah my patience drives me mad
Like the circus leaves a circle on the grass
Got to move on and let it pass
I won't let it get me down
But, something moves across the room as slow as winter

Favours for the ungrateful; yeah..
Sometimes pleased, never satisfied
Favours for the ungrateful
Unqualified and hateful
Favours for the unwilling
And all the time revealing
How truthful I can get..
As close to what I really meant
Favours for the ungrateful

I know I haven't lost my mind
But, tomorrow is a hammer swinging at my head
I won't let that get me down
It's apologies unspoken with regret


I've been stuck on a pin
Had my wings pulled off
Down niagara in a barrel
- Pride's not hard to swallow
Just chew long enough..
When Love plans for tomorrow
Loneliness dreams of yesterday

Favours for the...