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Confira a Letra Jacketless In December


Jacketless In December

I'm freezing
Them I'm letting go
You only hear the silent snow
Running from it; am I getting weak?
What are friends for (?)
I only remember:
Jacketless in icecold december

In a dream, but wide awake
Now I know my own mistakes
Yeah, from without to withing
Now I live with everything

Blame another, but the shame is in your mind
For what is lost and hard to find
The door is closed, to light and truth
What are friends for (?)
Yeah, I remember:
Jacketless in icecold december

In a dream...

I see now a world of fear through at mist of tears
I've been in a very bad mood, as if I knew
You always end up empty so full of yourself
I can safely say now, even oldest of tricks that exist:
That you can still disappoint a pessimist!

Yeah, in a dream...