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Confira a Letra I'm A Little Cloud


I'm A Little Cloud

Over my dead body
Won't make a happy man out of me
In a hotel lobby
With a bitter cup of tea
Before I take up smiling
I'll hang my head in a knowing way
Anally deciding
What I need to do today
Someone sad got to meet
The kind of bad that is sweet
I feel the need
Let me reveal a secret
Of Who I am..
I'm a little cloud
Colored pink and grey
I don't hello my neighbours
When I meet them on my way
I'm a little cloud
And every day is the same
If I don't cast my shadow
I think I'll hang myself today

Yeah, millions are dancing
And laughing their nights away
I have a hard time understanding
Why it's so great to stay up late
Yeah, I'll steal the attention
Yeah, I'll be bringing you sad news
So there's no need to mention
I need a smaller pair of shoes
Someone sad got to meet
The kind of bad that is sweet
Discreet Repeat
What has become my secret..
And understand:
I'm a little cloud...