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Confira a Letra Taste Of Honey


Taste Of Honey

The act of God is beautiful
In the life of one who is faithful
Earlier evidence has bitter
But in the end has the taste of honey
I've never seen a chosen unanswered
As in all things God shows you a solution
Even in the ashes he claims, and God answers
It protects
Defends him
with their strong hands
You are a chosen
And your story does not end here
You might be crying now
But tomorrow you will smile.

God will raise from the ashes and dust
God will accomplish all that you have promised
You will see the hand of God will exalt
Who sees you there to talk
He is even chosen.

They will say you were born to win
Because you knew that already
Had the same guy winning
And what if God wants to act no one can prevent
Then you will fulfill every word
May the Lord said,

Who saw you pass the test
And it helped you
When you see the blessing
You will regret
Will be among the audience
And you on stage
Go look and see
Jesus shining on you
Maybe your thinking
Will you say
My God is worth
We remain faithful
Actually my proof
It had a bitter taste
But my victory today
It tastes like honey.

It tastes like honey
It tastes like honey
My win today
It tastes like honey.

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