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Confira a Letra Des Trappists Road


Des Trappists Road

Des Trappists Road
Recept then decept accept
notified of thine child's time
Consoled when told
death's unthinkable crime
disbelieving trouble
conceiving why
A day as beautiful as this
summer sky declines

Whenever you see the cross
that intersects the road
remember your child
he was taken, taken on the
Des Trappist Road

I can't imagine
The pain does it still remain
Rushing and burning through your veins

Take a rose walk
with sour dry tears under dry eyes
your knees too weak as the grave grows closer

to your child's grave
that grows closer

Years have passed did their
face fade from your memories
youth torn from life and from
family, does this loss weaken faith
in the heaven that never saved

Des Trappist Road
to the soil below