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Confira a Letra Damascus Trail


Damascus Trail

Damascus Trail

|A trail, A Path
escaping the fiery
of the church's wrath
for she did stray away
from the Christian's
biblical conforming ways
With no chance to go back
to my home, where alone
I stay, rot with day
till I surrender my love
to a superstitious slay
I confessed that I passed
the clasp of God's almighty grasp
on my soul take its toll
left wasting like the world we know

|To claim my only love
to slay my only love
to claim my heart and soul to leave me burnt down
left in woe

|I walk my path
words of witchcraft
upon her lips
upon her dying breath,
upon this wrath I
will hold, this scold
still cold, Still spite
she was killed by their will
whilst still, thou shall not kill
understand, my words of contradiction
of "good souls" untold
the crimes, of a vicious scapegoat
My tears shalt clear the Luciferian fire
that has drenched my love in wrongful death

|On a Damascus Trail, She walked her path into death's wrath
A funeral pyre reserved for her, for false sins she burns

|she died
in flames
the book was to blame

|The day I drew an image of death