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Confira a Letra Queen's Death In The Season Of Ivory


Queen's Death In The Season Of Ivory

Queen's Death In The Season Of Ivory

|She gazed upon her silver solid water
to perfect her art of human canvas
to prepare for her night into, transpose

|Stained the white of seasoned grass
ruby gems created by the dowsing
of thy grip with kris in hand
she graduated through to her passing

|Remarked as the goddess of
never excepting pathways
a glass full of ice
as her crown filled her eyes
she blinded out the peons around

|By thy hands her heart stopped beating
her mind seized to exist
bid adieu to the glorious world
of selfish state of thought

|Wilted under thee pale moon
whilst thy kris raped her womb
shalt she be possessed by the weald's
frore ivory tomb

|Queens death in the season of ivory