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Confira a Letra Me And Zoloft Get Along Fine

Dance Gavin Dance

Me And Zoloft Get Along Fine

ask me im fine, or i will be

I gotta bullet proof vest on and the cure for aids
and a pill that makes me happy
Ask me im fine, or I will be
Ive got the cure for loneliness and a pill that makes all my problems resolved.

I got a bullet proof vest on
and I wire tapped your brain
I want to do this right
dyno, dyn -o-mite

You should have just listened to your friends
you would have been over this by now
i thought we told each other to live in different worlds
Oh you should have listened to your friends, you would have been over this by now over this by now
oh there's only so much i can take
but i guess we'll never really find out
(well sure its complicated, but i still know, that i can get frustrated and snort that blow)kurt/jon crew background part

rate me and judge me on a graph that you drew
hope I compare to the friends that left you for dead

I guess i'm not making myself perfectly clearx2
how many times is this gonna happen

I've got to blame all these people as fast as I mother fucking can, you were fooled, this aint no fuckin day job
[Chorus again]
suddenly, we startle ourselves
staring upon each other in silence
to think this whole time we're provoking each other in blinding violence

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