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Confira a Letra Burning Down the Nicotine Armoire

Dance Gavin Dance

Burning Down the Nicotine Armoire

And they would follow you home
Until we wind up dead
Checking your pulse
We'd wait across the street
Under our tree
Outside the front door
In autumn's blind embrace
But you wouldn't let her anyway and we run

And we framed these moments
Til one remaining cold calculated thought

Today your dream is dead
And when you wake it won't be there
Today your dream is dead
And sew that smile up with threads
Embrace this hope
And let it flow
You fool

Too shy to know your worth
Hurt from insensitive behavior
You're scared of what this really is
And where this might lead us next
Don't let me go
I feel it

It grabbed us by the throat
It grabbed us by the throat and we continue to breathe
It's how I feel about love
That it's not worth it
Your license

In failure, dreams fall
Pushing nightmares over pavement
Walking these streets like a victim
Writing death threats in the wet cement
You'll say that I will lie
And let me win this life
You won't regret my love

My goal was to
Make you happy at your best
You'd noticed all of this meaningless
I destroy you
Even through
The only things that I have left for your
Condescending eyes looking at each other's
White lies my heart ache is useless

So quickly we'll address the shadows running
From light
It'll take this breath
Denying what is left of us
If you could just wake up tonight
I'd be with you under the sky
With you tonight

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