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Confira a Letra Son Of Robot

Dance Gavin Dance

Son Of Robot

How, how could we forget about you
The summoner, the centerfold, successor to the brood
Of all the iterations yeah your the sickest dude
Fighting cow, how could we forget about you

Say you don’t hate me for nothing
Hate me for falling out of reach
Hate me for something
Never knew that you could be so lonely, lonely
Running out of feelings so pretend you can be lonely, lonely
Stuck in your mind

Can’t let it go
What hurts you the most
Is I wasn’t there to beg you
Baby don’t go
Put on show

Light it up
Light it up

No, it’s not a phase
It’s the way that she combs my hair
Never wake
Never wake from this coma

Light it up for us
Show me the way growing
Your catharsis is beautiful
I wish I could be you

Show up at the ball wit yo doo doo faced babe
The robot with human hair is dead but gets laid
That’s why he’s got all these kids on the way
His son’s a girl named baby swirl that loves to swang his blade

How I wish I could touch you feel you breathe you be just like you

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