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Confira a Letra Who's Who Here?

Daniel Amos

Who's Who Here?

Jason and his argonauts
Hanging out in parking lots
With teen twerps and some indiots
(and) all the riff raff
And strictly confidentially
All we got here is essentially
A vulgar vapid history
Of clap trap

And who's who here?
Is anybody anybody?
And who's that there?
Someone we should know?
Who's cool here? (who rules here?)
No one and everyone
Start the show cos'
It's not clear, no
So who's who here

The mark of Cain is apathy
Brains winding down on entropy
New york and L.A. bougeouse
And their chit chat
It's babylon, they rattle on
The herds in line and movin' on
With ecstacy dipped cattle prongs
In back packs

And god is their technology
A studded tongues profanity
A grim tatoos theology
Is payback
Six pack kings pull up a chair
To sculptured breasts and deriairs
Each a potential millionaire
And fat cat