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Confira a Letra Say the Word

Daniel's Window

Say the Word

Sometimes I feel like the joy has left my soul

The echoes of my doubts remain

Lord, I can't believe that there is something left in me love

That there is hope beyond today

Then deep within me I hear a gentle voice

A tiny whisper in my heart

Lord, I can't believe that You would speak now when I've been gone so long

I need Your strength to carry on

Say the word again

Tell me once how to trust in You

Say the word again

Tell me twice how to live for You

And let me hear Your voice

Telling me to follow You

Say the word again, Lord

Nothing else will do

I know You love me for the person who I am

And not for someone who I try to be

Lord, I now believe that You can use me in spite of all I've done

Your healing word has cleansed and set me free

Your voice is loud and clear

It tells me You are near

You're a lamp to shine the way

I need You everyday

Say the word again

I have learned to depend on You

Say the word again

Now I know I can trust in You

My life is in Your hands

And I know I'm safe with You

I just need to say these words

I believe in You