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Confira a Letra I'm So Happy

Daniel's Window

I'm So Happy

I'm so happy, can't you see

Just what He has done for me

I'm so happy, it can't be priced

Freedom's found in Jesus Christ

Freedom's found in Jesus Christ

Walking on a thin line between heaven and earth

Balancing all my doubts and fears in a circus atmosphere

Weary from this dangerous act I finally slipped and fell

Sinking to a hopeful fate I felt the ropes embrace

A net of grace, a net of grace

I'm not the same as I used to be, I found a new routine

Staying down on solid ground as a fire-eating clown

I want the world to feel the flame that burns inside of me

To enjoy the warmth and light the darkness can't contain

A consuming flame, a consuming flame

Step right up, one and all

See the greatest show of all

The deaf can hear

The blind can see

The dead will rise into eternity