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Confira a Letra Never Forget a Face

Daniel's Window

Never Forget a Face

You just think you blend right in

You always get lost in the crowd

All your hidden hopes and dreams

You never dared to mention out loud

Living with your past mistakes

Has changed you into someone you hate

But I keep pursuing you

Because I know that you're worth the wait

I am right by your side

I never forget, never forget a face

There's no one quite like you

I never forget, never forget a face

You are one of a kind

I never forget a face

You say we haven't talked

But you only believe what you want

And when it doesn't fit your plan

You blame on me like it or not

Please understand my choices

Only have your best interest at heart

I do know all the answers

Remember you see just one part

I am right by your side

Nothing can separate you from the love I have

Distance and time don't matter

I will still find you