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Confira a Letra Kick It

Daniel's Window

Kick It

Hey, hey, hey

Everybody's watchin' you

Runnin' that race you're in

If you fall down

I'll be there to carry you

What does it take to win

Two times four, tell some more, it's exponential

Why try to hide it like the whole thing's confidential

You got potential, kid, but what I meant though is

Don't look back, keep track of where the goal is

Like Paul Revere, without fear

Kick it over here and kick it over there

Maybe trade that horse in for a bicycle

Gallopin' through traffic these days is not advisable

You know the task at hand is sizeable

Some have passed out cold, but still revivable

So get up now, gitty-up now, get on up

Get on up, get up outta your seat

Hey, kick it over here

Crazy loud like a football crowd

Hey, kick it over here

Blood-skinned knees, kid, you tripped and bit the concrete

The hook you took hip-rocked you like a fat beat

Obstacles they only get in your path

With your eyes off the goal when you're focused on the past

Get yourself together, it's just the second round

Don't get down on yourself for sucking dirt off the ground

You're bound to get caught, hip-shot, takin' the bow

Feel the poundin' in your head like vinyl spinnin' around

Whatcha gonna do, give up or give in

Getcha self up and take it for the win

Kid, you know I'm always gonna get your back

So get yourself up, just like that

Get your hands up, in the air

Get your tails up, outta your chair

Get your feet up, off the ground

Everybody get up and get down