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Confira a Letra The Way Of The Soul

Dark Ages

The Way Of The Soul

The first is the Hell.
Fire sea, lake of blood,
Mountain of thorns, endless affliction...
World of eternal pain.
The second is the Ghost Area.
They are thin and decomposition,
Stomaches stay enormous...
Always Starving, they need to eat themselves.
The third is the World... The World of the Beasts.
The force of the humans... Destroy the wicker.
People that transform... Animal when they we born.
To survive, something that... Conquered with effort.
Well it's known that will have an End
The Way of The Soul
The forth is the world of fight.
Some against the other ones,
Everyday without rest
For all the eternity.
The fifth are the human's world.
Your Feelings disturbed by affection
Envy will consume the mind,
Weakness will be your support.