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Confira a Letra In The Hue Of Night

Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult

In The Hue Of Night

When night falls,
The unveilment of sublime visions behold.
What's been obscured by verity
Conceives its mold
In the hue of night.

Upon ashen wings in pallid gloomy light
Your shadows blackened cast
Onto every solitary path.

A fire's blazing in the cadence of glorious times.
Inhale the sparks of transubstantiation.
Behold their miracles and signs.
What has been altered invisible through light
Conceives its color by the hue of night.

When night falls,
Reverbaration of clamorous times abate.
The voice of innermost depth by Tersareth perceived
Harken this tongues tone, thereto
Apprehend its mold conceived
By the hue of night – in nightly hue.

Within Cimonar deeply entranched, distend.
With Emerdiales all-encompassing vastness unified.
As part of the whole ascend
Towards the Godhead descried.

When night falls.