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Confira a Letra Scaffold Salvation

Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult

Scaffold Salvation

Open! scraggy portals and gates of the world !
That the king of honor may cometh in.
Open! rusty fetters of enchained flight,
Praise his godly adherents.
For ever and ever his truth lasts.
Immutable enduring death's throne shall be.

Enlighten the path of the spiritually impaled,
In pale moon's grave-like countenance.
Illuminate crimson shadows of subjugation,
Praise this godly light.
For ever and ever with steady pace,
Immutable enduring shall be -
The road to calvary !!!

Oh glorious heroes of might, who fulfill his will,
Now imploringly on knees ...
From sea to sea, from the ocean to the
Very borders of the earth,
The build up, never vacillating empire,
Now strengthless stumbling, dragging,
On dusty path to christ's scaffold !