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Confira a Letra No Promise in the Heavens


No Promise in the Heavens

And I am still waiting
ror clean to come yet he's not there
he's killing dreams out in the sea

I feel like - I can't breathe
life's - crushing down on me
heavy salt will wash away my sin

No one left - I could blame it on
No more hope - all is said and done
life seems seald - as the night breaks in

And rears mount the horizon
and blackened is the night
the world has dfowned in cries

I search for many years
he is all cherished all my life
I roamed behind the veil of night

The essence of life - it should never be lost
thrown to be beast - to be mightoly tassed

I I give myself away - on this blackened day
I give myself away to you!

The world is drawning...
The world has drawned in cries...