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Confira a Letra Torn to Shatters


Torn to Shatters

And I wrap my arms around me
and think of times gone by
I used to share my fate with you
wrapped in a robe of fire

Inhale - exhale
All that matters - torn to shatters

Having trusted you before
made my desolate past live again
my earth-born spirit breathe again

I will search forevermore
Through the wind, the waves, the mist, the rain
your smile is in my tears again

And I drift through empty days
I feel like a puppet on a string
I hear the songs you used to sing

I count the seconds, time unwinds
Walking in the shadows of my mind
dissolved in thoughts, I melt into you

But the years and memories wither into a scroll
unfathomed sorrow resonated within my soul

And from my heart, I'll pour this song,
of endless struggle, still it made me strong
because these roats of love
reach towards the sky

Silently I close the door
pondering words I somehow cannot say
shulting the world far away

Set me on fire with your glow,
Feels like nothing i have felt before
Earth's last its balance I can fly

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