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Confira a Letra This Sad Melody

Das Fossem

This Sad Melody

How many times we went to bed without
Even saying goodnight?
In how many ways we looked ourselves
With frozen, lying eyes

I’m staring at the door
Trying to find something to explain the dusk of our times
Between the things that i want and the ones that i need to see
While i’m outside
I hear your tears
I feel your silent cry
And that’s why i’m singing this sad melody

Now i’m outside trying to draw
Little pictures and answers in the sand
Watching the same sun
That always raised after our love
It seemed that this love could last forever

I’m just trying to understand you
To follow your thoughts
So tell me your lies
Tell me your truth
Something you lost
We’re fighting for love
This love that we lost
Can’t you just see the reality?
And that’s why i’m singing this sad melody

We’re lost in place and time
Can we say goodbye?
After all this time
Perfect strangers in a dream
We need to give up
To move on with our lives
Because we saw our love die
Changing channels on tv