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Confira a Letra Do You Believe He's Comin'

David Gates

Do You Believe He's Comin'

Almighty Nation what's this in the air
No explanation but still it is there
You hear the talk from the people you meet
To meet the people just go down on the street

And they believe He's comin'
Yes they believe He's comin'

So many people confused and afraid
Too many shy from commitments they made
A change of values and moral decay
The damn foundation is splitting away

But I believe He's comin'
Yes I believe He's comin'

Hey lighty-lie do you dare prophesy
Do you believe that the millions will die
A single nation encamped all around
And what will come if her knees hit the ground

Do you believe He's comin'
Dare not believe He's comin'

So now it's time to get ready they say
The time of judgement is not far away
And if the meek shall inherit the earth
Look at yourself brother what are you worth

Do you believe He's comin'
Like I believe He's comin'

Do you believe He's comin'
Dare not believe He's comin'
Dare not believe!

Do you dare, do you dare not believe