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Confira a Letra Donna

Hey come on Donna and won't you sing for me one more time
You know I'm thinkin' 'bout you constantly, I think you're always on my mind
I'm thinkin' 'bout the times you sang a cruel and simple song
You filled the room with bedlam girl, you know and we all sang along

Hey come on Donna and won't you show us what to do
Hey come on Donna, I can't live without you

There's other girls around here but you know they're not the same
They put up a rockin' noise but they just don't play the game

And when I used to see you, I used to feel like such a man
Who'd ever thought you'd go away, who just wouldn't understand
That you don't make the promises, you don't seal nothing in blood
How I wish that I could get you back, you know I wish I really could

And it's just like New York death, darlin’ it happens all the time
I can't cover it with purpose, I can't drown it in wine

So won't you just come on back and sing for me one more song
With your guitars playing perfectly and your drummer pounding strong
I heard about the one who flew in all the way
I never thought you'd do it, Donna, I always thought you'd stay

Ever since you've been away, it's been so hard to dance
Come on Donna, girl, give us one more chance

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