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Confira a Letra Just You


Just You

He said: "Baby, it's our anniversary
Tell me, what can I give to show you my love?
Lady, let me prove my loyalty
Shower you with royalty on a throne above

Maybe diamonds, a ring for every finger
Maybe earrings, 24 karat gold
Why're you laughing? Don't you know I love you?
You're my everything in this world"

But she said: "I don't need diamond rings
Or those expensive things, all I want is you
Earrings won't let me know, how much you love me so
All I want is you, just you, just you…"

He said: "Baby, it's our anniversary
Surely, there must be something that I can do
Lady, don't you know you're teasin' me?
Anything you want from me, girl, I'll give to you

Let's go travelin', we'll romance in Paris
'neath the Eiffel, we can share a kiss
You're still laughing, I just want to show you
You're my everything in this world"

But she said: "I don't need fancy trips
So I can kiss your lips, all I want is you
Why should we go somewhere
When we can stay right here?
All I want is you
Just you