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Confira a Letra Concealed Behind The Chequered Flag

Dawn Of Oblivion

Concealed Behind The Chequered Flag

We can never understand
What's truth or lies about the world these days
In the western civilisation
We watch the new God called dollar, pound and mark
But when you sit in your 1000 square meter house
The pain and loneliness marks your face
You see money isn't everything
That makes the world go round, you live in the dark

The goal you set will forever tell you lies
You're struggling in vain for your own greed
Sit back and watch your life is rushing by
The success you want to reach is out of sight
You're going to die without the feeling that you've been alive
The life you lost, the love you wouldn't ever feel

There's no control, there's no sense of living
There's no time to die
God bless America
The land of opportunities, the melting pot
Glory, glory Hollywood
We're watching the young men dying in the gulf
The both sides of the coin they show
Makes no success for me, for you
For us, for them, for no one

We're not supposed to die
In the bonfire of vanities
We're not waiting here for nuclear waste
We're not crying until the end