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Confira a Letra Home Wrecking Machine

Day Of The Dead

Home Wrecking Machine

beat and shove me down as roses
are traded by fists and while
you slowly become the gun
in my mouth my mind continues
to beg for an end even when
legs and arms have meaning
again our precious home becomes
hell as we let the disease own
the place my everything is
not enough, even with my heart
served with the word love
carved in stone you chew and
swallow it with no contempt,
with no regret thanks but no thanks...
because i am out of time and
life isn't warm or safe anymore,
the beauty of what once was a family
bond is now a monster in my dreams
to be in silence is to accept defeat,
to be ashamed is like feeding yourself
to the lions because as you renounce tradition,
you know you'll fight fire
with fire but sometimes the
only way out is to take that risk,
tearing down the walls...
in order to breathe taking back your precious life,
picking your head from
the floor regaining a smile you thought,
fucking dead and buried cause
if this world is a party,
it has started without you
home wrecking machine...