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Confira a Letra The Crown We Wear Tonight

Day Of The Dead

The Crown We Wear Tonight

shredding millions of lives
away we're killing in
the name of profit and
greed wearing the skin of
the wolf while innocent
lives are taken away stupidity's
the crown we wear tonight
while progress gets us further
further away than before of what
we used to call civilized
one step forward . . .
two steps back . . .
into progression invest millions
in laboratories and waste millions
in researches and while our children starves
this quest for solutions is completely
mislead and as we accommodate ourselves
with blood on our hands the purpose
and essence of our lives is more
distant than ever of compassion
and empathy as comparisons between
different human lives and
the attempts to better ourselves the attempts
of perfection, the attempts of control
gets us each and everyday away
from what we used to
define as human lives