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Confira a Letra Trading Individuality For Our Own Death

Day Of The Dead

Trading Individuality For Our Own Death

rip our nature once again,
let the machine take
on the wheel purify our impurities,
erase humanity slowly steal
from us our imperfections and
judge what's superior or
not as power takes the podium
our skin is sliced and stripped
inch by inch give us a heart,
inject us... (wisdom and bravery)
like our bodies are heartless
and our minds are numb our skin
is sliced and stripped...
and we will act like you,
think like you, we'll breathe
like you let's play the puppet,
let's play the master one more
time let's hang our necks on the
noose ordering life from our
dinner table choosing
a new face from the catalogue
and we're killing...
we're killing ourselves
with our own minds
it's like taking one step forward
and two steps back