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Confira a Letra Rip It Up

D.C. Lacroix

Rip It Up

I’ve been waitin’ round here for you
My patience has run off and died
I’m goin’ crazy starin’ at the walls
I gotta cut loose tonight
I’ve got plans for me and you
Tonight we’re goin’ all the way
I want some action, I need a good time
We’ll find it on the streets, you and me

Come on, rip it up
Let’s go, let’s go

I’ve been sittin’ round here for your
I’m ready to break out and run
The city lights are showin’ off the town
I’m ready to rock ‘n roll
I’ve got time to kill on my hands
Tonight we’re goin’ for the throat
No holdin’ back, I’m out for blood
I’m in the mood to live it up

Hey you, come here
We have a lot of catchin’ up to do
And we have all night, I can’t wait
To get started, come on, let’s go