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Confira a Letra The Reptile Lord

Dead to fall

The Reptile Lord

Frustration building
Tension rising
Wasting careless moments
Now we are out of time
Frustraion building
Tension rising
Fuck you
We're never coming back
Violence is created and hate is fucking bred
Your every single breath turns life into death
Suffering in this prison
Made of our own design
Betrayed by the lord with venomous eyes
Misread, misquoted, and misguided
I am my own god, yet I've nevere felt this grace
My life won't be the same
And I hope you never see this face
You were right to go
Now the world finally knows
I am the Reptile Lord
Misread, misquoted, and misguided
Gears grinding away
Ripping every piece of my flesh
It's oh so easy
No room for regret
No time for remorse
I just don't care anymore.