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Confira a Letra Fire At Will


Fire At Will

me and my family love roaming the woods
its all about hunting: live, learn and play!
but it`s not easy being a hunter these days, we have to find new excuses for our madness every day,
should i ever kill an animal without a reason, i will quickly fake up a new hunting season

deep in the woods - i am the law
man against nature - that`s my war
seek, aim and kill
fire at will!
under the cloak of tradition,
an executing mission
seek aim and kill
fire at will!

there are so many of them, they need some killing, my instinct tells me to.
and their heads make a good trophy, don`t they?
ok i kill for fun and amusement but don`t blame it all on me
because i am not the only and by far not the most vicious creator of misery.

wait, quiet now, shut up, i hear something coming
thank you god, finally i will get my throphy.
it is time for a shot now
a shot for glory
my god made me kill my own daughter sophie!

mankind is made for hunting and that is all we do
seek aim and kill. fire at will!!!

(may for the last bullet in this game
my own head be the aim.)