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Confira a Letra Invictus Maneo


Invictus Maneo

This system tries to take control first over your body then over your soul
By consuming their drugs and believing their lies you have started a fight with no end in sight
You are destroying yourself can't you hear your body crying
You're destroying yourself try to stop before it's too late… xinvictus maneox you have got the strength just believe in yourself- start a rebellion against the system
You have got the strength and we believe in you- be a rebel in a drug-generation
Rebellion for yourself rebellion in your mind a positive rebellion x straight edge pride x or do you really believe a drug can solve your problems and if you do i will tell you they just get bigger day by day … by day … xinvictus maneox ….outside the sun is shining but yourself is always standing in the rain because the drugs don't work any longer and reality has got you back again
You have become a victim and the system laughs about you- a victim now try to rescue yourself
Rebellion for yourself … rebellion in your mind … a positive rebellion … straight edge pride carpe diem ….. x invictus maneo x

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