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Confira a Letra I Need This More

Dear Juliet

I Need This More

baby, i just need you here tonight
im all caught up, and it seems i'm stuck on you
maybe this is just a phase that i'll get through
cuz it's true that i do tend to lose my mind
but i didn't plan on losing you

baby don't leave, come home with me
darling don't you move, listen to me

baby stop pretending, drop the act and just dance with
i am asking you please, darling don't say
that you have to go, oh please say you don't tonight
cuz i need this more than you know

baby i just need you by my side
to have and to hold, i know it's getting old
but i can't stop dreaming of you
maybe this is just a chance too good to miss
can i get at least a goodbye kiss?
cuz you're driving me insane with all these games you